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Constant advancements in the Internet of Things has made technologies, specifically devices connected with each other via the internet, smarter, more reliable and more efficient. These various IoT gadgets have had a significant positive impact on people’s lives other the past few years. While we are just seeing the beginning of what the IoT can do, we have already seen it do so much and make a very large impact on every aspect of our lives including improving our standard of living.


Unfortunately, our world isn’t the safest. There has always been violence in our society and with new technologies and the IoT we are seeing this threat grow. However, with new IoT devices we are also seeing new ways to protect ourselves, our families, our friends, and our homes. When it comes to protecting ourselves in our homes improvements in the Internet of Things have significantly helped us. New home security devices are coming out all the time that are smarter and more responsive. Through new smart devices like alarms and cameras you can now monitor your home while you are anywhere in the world. At any point in time you can log into an app or website, depending on which program you have installed, and check in on your home getting a real-time video feed of what’s happening in your house. Whether you are on vacation and want to check in or are out for dinner and want to check in on an elderly person, child or babysitter in your home you can do that. If you’re not checking on your home at the moment and there is any suspicious activity taking place in your home these new devices can instantly notify you. You can even have sensors installed in your home that if tripped will set off a loud alarm, hopefully scaring off any potential intruder while notifying you at the same time. With the IoT we have never been safer in our own homes and our homes have never been safer while we’re not in them too.

Smart home

Smart homes have always seemed like the future, but they are here! Your washing machine can run without any human interactions, your air conditioner can adjust the motor speed depending on the environment, and your car can send a notification to your smartphone when your tires have low pressure and need to be filled. There are also apps that you can hook up to your at home appliances so that you can monitor and control them from a remote location. You can even lock and unlock your door while you’re not at home to let guests in. Bill and tax payments can now be done automatically. Living in a smart world clearly makes our lives easier and more efficient. Additionally, having a smart home with device that are able to optimize themselves helps you save on electricity and unnecessary expenses. For example, lights and fans hooked up to sensors will automatically turn off if they don’t detect anyone in the room for a certain amount of time. This will help you save money and you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to turn the lights off again.

Food shopping

Imagine never forgetting, or worrying to forget, to put something on your grocery again. And even better, never having to write a grocery list again. Refrigerators and kitchen cupboards are now connected to the IoT. Sensors in them are able to detect the things that you need to buy and will automatically relay this information to and app and fill up your shopping cart/grocery list for you. However, your manual consent is needed to complete the transaction.

Everyday activities that we thought we’d always have to do and worry about are becoming things of the past with new the Internet of Things devices that are being created and optimized every day.