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Almost everyone loves to travel. Exploring new destinations, trying new foods, experiencing different cultures. But what about the actual act of traveling? Sitting in an airport, not having your devices charged, the worry of your luggage not making it to your destination. Well, with the Internet of Things, traveling is becoming much easier and less worrisome.


Price: $29

Shaped like a key and easily able to attach to your keyring, you can buy a NomadKay that is compatible with any smartphone whether you have an Android, Apple, Windows Phone or Blackberry. NomadKey is the smallest, most lightweight cable available to help you charge your devices wherever you are. Plug one end into a computer or mobile charger and the other end into your phone. It’s the perfect cable to keep you connected on the go.


Price: $79.99

A tracking device that is perfect for your luggage or any carry-on items that you are bringing with you. Equipped with GPS and a Bluetooth-based proximity function all you have to do is place the Trakdot in your luggage and you’ll never have to worry where it is again. While in the air the device goes to sleep, saving battery. But immediately upon landing, it send you an SMS text with its location. You can also use the app to locate your Trakdot at any time.

TYLT Energi 2K Travel Charger

Price: $24.99

A small yet powerful mobile charger, the TYLT Energi 2K Travel Charger is a necessity when traveling. Instead of trying to find an outlet and then huddling around it with the rest of the airport, carry this mobile charger with you wherever you go and know that you can always stay connected. What makes this battery pack different from others like it is that it features pass-through charging meaning that you can charge your Energi 2K and your phone at the same time! Use this in tandem with the NomadKey and you’ll be all set with double your phone’s battery life.

Scottevest QUEST Vest

Price: $155

Okay so this technically isn’t an IoT technology but it is the perfect place to store all of your devices! With 42 pockets this extremely lightweight vest is perfect for traveling. You never have to worry about putting your bag down and either misplacing it or having someone else take it. Everything that you need will be on your person!