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Pitching to investors can be a scary thing. Your potential company is on the line. All of the hard work that you have put in over the last few months or even years is all hanging on this moment. Just relax. The only way that you’ll get through it is by being yourself and following these tips to ensure that you stand out in your potential investors mind.

Be realistic

Know your target market and have a complete understanding of it. Know your expected market share and determine your expected revenue. But don’t make ridiculous projections. Instead of trying to impress investors with insane numbers that will just make them roll their eyes and toss you aside, show them your approach. How will you go about winning sales? Who is your target customer? How will you grow from one customer to 10 customers and so on? Tell the investor actual facts and realistic projections. They will never want to work with you if you lie to their face. Be real with them. And if being real with them involves that you take a little big longer to get everything together for your proposal then take that time. You’re better safe than sorry.

Be unique

This applies to multiple aspects of your pitch. First, your company should be filling a unique void in a current market. Find how you company can stand out among your competitors. You can’t be completely the same you have to offer something new and better. When it comes to your actual pitch you need to stand out to your potential investor. Tell a story, be funny, relate to them, use catchy images instead of just boring words on paper. However you choose to be unique be sure that you do it all out, but don’t go over the top. Do whatever you can to stand out in their minds so that when you leave they will remember you.

Have a solid team

Make sure that you and your team have a great dynamic. Investors want to know that there won’t be constant arguing or a huge falling out any time soon because that will just worry them that your company will fail. You and your management team will be running the company, it’s not going to be just you by yourself. Make sure that your team also speaks at the pitch and that you aren’t completely running the show.